FWF finance Values
FWF finance Values


FWF Finance’s core values are independence and total involvement throughout the whole project.

This involvement ensures responsiveness, creativity and complete understanding of the process. FWF Finance works closely with the client’s wealth management, accountants, tax and legal advisors to obtain detailed understanding of each project.

Our independent status guarantees the objectivity of recommendations and total absence of any conflict of interest. FWF Finance carries out a purely advisory service. It does not sell any other products.

FWF FINANCE acts with the strictest respect for core values such as discretion, professional ethics and codes of conduct.
FWF FINANCE is a member of ACIFTE, an AMF-certified organisation for corporate finance consulting professionals. It represents the interests of its members regarding public authorities and third parties, and promotes best practice for entrepreneurs and businesses requiring corporate financial advice.
FWF FINANCE is a member of the SFAF (French Association of Financial Analysts) which aims to improve financial analysis techniques and develop high quality economic and financial data
FWF FINANCE is a member of ORIAS (reference number 13 000 840).