Business sectors

We have gained particular experience in the sectors of distribution, industry and business services. We have handled numerous transactions in these sectors. With the knowledge of our clients’ businesses we know how to promote their assets for maximum profit.


We have particular experience and knowledge of negotiating with foreign counterparts. Most of our sales and acquisition projects involve discussions with international groups and businesses.

Our role as an advisor

  • Proximity and availability
  • Preativity and solution finding
  • Providing clear and Targeted data to counter parts
  • We always start by assessing project relevance and thereafter implementing tested negotiation processes
  • We can evaluate the different scenarios at the highest level
  • We act as an intermediary. The counterparts are not in a position to ascertain what the client is thinking and cannot put pressure on him/her
  • Competition allows significant savings to be made at all levels; capital valuation, cost of a bond or borrowing etc.
  • In summary, our involvement ensures that projects are presented and handled in a professional manner.